About Me

Hi There!
I’m Emily, the owner and founder of Hill Country Bride. Thanks for stopping by! I have been working in weddings all of my career and have been so blessed to work in the field that is my greatest passion. I was introduced to weddings while working for a photographer in Kentucky and eventually did wedding photography on my own. A short time later, I decided to move to Colorado (for the mountains) where I worked for two different resorts doing wedding venue sales, wedding coordination, wedding planning, and catering sales. After some amazing years in Colorado, I decided it was time to move to the Hill Country of Texas, where I found my talent and creative passion for wedding design and styling. I have worked in nearly every field within the wedding industry, giving me a fully-rounded perspective of all of the elements involved in creating an amazing wedding day. I have fallen in love with the amazing brides and creative vendors that I get to work with and have started blogging about the magic of Hill Country Weddings. I hope my blog can be a planning resource to brides and vendors alike!

Weddings signify a beautiful and lasting new season our lives. They are a timeless celebration, a ray of light in our world, a moment of magic in our mundane lives, an artistic masterpiece where we are both the creators and the elements. A DAY among days. I am so excited to meet you and hope to join you and your loved ones on this new adventure in your lives!

Photos thanks to Michelle Boyd