Lindsay & Noah

There are two days I have dreamed about as long as I can remember…the day I would become a wife and the day I become a mother. I always knew that weddings were a big deal, but it wasn’t until I got engaged that I realized just how much work went into making a wedding happen. I was towards the end of my third semester of nursing school when the love of my life asked me to be his wife. I was overjoyed! The day I had been dreaming of for 24 years was now on the horizon! The excitement slowly turned into anxiety, as I realized that I had no idea how to plan a wedding! How was I supposed to plan a wedding in 6 months all while finishing nursing school? That’s when I contacted Emily, and let me tell you, that girl is unbelievably good at what she does! She helped me set weekly goals, sent countless e-mails, texts, and phone calls, even made out a timeline of wedding weekend events to send out to friends and family once we had finalized decisions. Once the  wedding weekend finally arrived, she was phenomenal! We all know how hard it is to get everyone where they need to be and doing what they need to do at the right time, but somehow she pulled it off beautifully! I was able to relax and enjoy my wedding weekend because Emily had every minute planned. If anyone had questions, they went right to Emily, which was such a huge burden off my shoulders. I can honestly say that my wedding was a dream come true! I owe much thanks to Emily, as she ensured it was nothing short of my dream.