My Top 5 Favorite Wedding Ceremony Songs for 2019

I have a lot of  people ask my advice on wedding ceremony song choices when we are in the wedding planning process. I’ve seen a lot of different things, but admittedly I have my favorites. Ultimately, the more the song is meaningful to you and your fiance, the more memorable it will be. However, here are some ideas that you might love or might get the ball rolling for you! These are in no particular order and I’d recommend the instrumental versions without words for all of these.

  1. Tale as Old as Time from Beauty and the Beast. If you grew up dreaming of being a princess (like we all did!) this one might make your hear flutter. You might sub this with whatever Disney Princess soundtrack is your favorite. These usually sound beautiful played by a string quartet!
  2. Cowboy Take Me Away by Dixie Chicks.  If you are going for more of a Texas country wedding this is a good choice. This makes a great entrance song in the instrumental version, but it’s also one of my favorite first dance songs for a couple. Come on, “in the comfort of your arms… on a pillow of bluebonnets…” you can’t get more Texas than that.
  3. Ed Sheeran’s Perfect. Cause we all turn up the song and sing all the words when this comes on the radio, and the instrumental version is beautiful and builds really nicely. This is another one that makes a great first dance song (with words). Also, Ed Sheeran shows up at wedding video, because you need something to do on your lunch break. Your welcome.
  4. Here Comes The Bride. I mean you can’t go wrong with traditional. We all put pillowcase veils with flower crowns on our heads and practiced to this one when we were kids. It will for sure make your Mom and Dad cry and it will never feel dated.
  5. Cannon in D. This is another traditional bridal entrance song. It’s a little less obvious than “Here Comes the Bride” but still a beautiful melody. I linked a harp here, because it’s become one of my favorite ceremony instruments. It’s sounds classic, but more subtle and acoustic sounding than a string quartet.

These are some of my favorite bridal entrance songs for Texas wedding ceremonies, but you could use a mixture of these for your bridal party or family processional. Just for those who don’t know, this is a typical order of walking and songs you might need for the ceremony:

  1. Seating of the families (grandparents and parents usually)
  2. Procession (entrance) of the Bridal Party
  3. Procession of the Bride
  4. Recessional (Exit song at the end)

Depending on how large your bridal party is, or how long your aisle is, may determine how many songs you need, but you can always loop a song to make it longer. It’s never good to have a song play for just a short amount of time because you want multiple songs. It tends to feel rushed. Better to have one song loop (if it can be done smoothly) than have multiple songs that you aren’t even getting through the first verse. Especially if you have live musicians, since there will be a pause between different songs. Often at weddings, if the aisle is fairly short and the bridal party is fairly small, we use the same song for seating of the families and procession of the bridal party.

I hope this info helps in planning your Texas Hill Country Wedding! What are some of your favorite wedding ceremony songs?! Please share with us!

Photos by the lovely Amy Karp Photography! of a wedding at Camp Waldemar in Hunt, Texas!

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