Emily Remy

Owner and founder of Hill Country Bride

I have been working in weddings all of my career and have been so blessed to work in the field that is my greatest passion. I was introduced to weddings while working for a photographer in Kentucky and eventually did wedding photography on my own. A short time later, I decided to move to Colorado (for the love of adventure) where I worked for two different resorts doing wedding venue sales, wedding coordination, wedding planning, and catering sales. After some amazing years in Colorado, I decided to make the Hill Country of Texas my permanent home, where I found my talent and creative passion for wedding design and styling. I have worked in nearly every field within the wedding industry, giving me a fully-rounded perspective of all of the elements involved in creating an amazing wedding day. After 8+ years planning weddings in the Hill Country, I truly have become an expert in the field and love the network of creative vendors that I have the pleasure of working with. I continue to learn and grow with each event and client experience and truly love the process.

I am so excited to meet you and hope to join you and your loved ones on this new adventure in your lives!


How would you describe yourself?


I’m an enneagram 1 (perfectionist) living her best 7 life (party girl, playful, high spirited and practical). I’m an Aquarius, so I’m innovative, creative and not afraid to think outside the box. My strengths (according to Rath’s Strengths finder) are Achiever, Activator, Significance, Relator, and Command. So basically, I like to start projects, get them done, be the leader, and do important things.

Drink of choice?


Oatmilk chai, all day, everyday. I love coffee too (generally black or with steamed alternative milk). Gin and tonic after 6 pm, unless it’s cold outside then I’ll have a bourbon on the rocks.

Isn’t your job super stressful?


Yes, and also it’s exhilarating and highly rewarding. I manage my stress through exercise, yoga and freediving in tropical waters.

What’s your favorite part of wedding days?


Golden hour. When the sun is almost gone, the candlelight really starts to glow. The hues become cool and it makes all the dimmed lights glow warm. This is usually right around dinner time, so guests are enjoying wine and warm conversation. It’s dreamy.

Also, I’m a sucker for a romantic first dance or a super sweet toast post dinner.