In all honesty, I hired Emily because my wedding venue required I have a coordinator. Naively, it wasn't something I thought I needed or wanted. It's easy to think that way 6 months before your wedding... but when the month-mark rolls around, you'll be so happy to have Emily on your team; I truly can't recommend Hill Country Bride enough. Emily's coordination services are certainly worth budgeting for, and as I sit here writing this post-wedding, I can say that hiring Emily was crucial to creating the fun, celebratory, and stress-free wedding weekend I had hoped for. It's clear that Emily has loads of experience; she is extremely professional, clear, and calm, and hiring her will not only give you peace of mind, but it will also give you an excellently executed event. By the time my wedding rolled around, I was hitting some planning fatigue, and Emily swooped in and held my vision in her brain, giving me and my partner, as well as our families, space to simply enjoy and celebrate... which, is the whole point of throwing a wedding :). If you're looking for a month-of, or even overall wedding or event coordinator, I can't recommend Emily enough. There were elements of my wedding that I had DIY-ed and had a vision for; Emily made sure she understood what I wanted, and carefully executed them so that I didn't have to actually think about any logistics. And then, there were other elements of my wedding that I didn't really care to think about, or hadn't thought about - Emily gracefully filled in all of these voids, easily managing countless logistics, vendor information, and even my family's first names. Like a good coordinator, you didn't really know Emily was there, except when you needed her. In those moments - both before the wedding and during the wedding - she was kind, professional, and pragmatic. I truly can't say enough about how good Emily is at her job. Hire her!

WOW and AMAZING were just a few of the words we used throughout planning with Emily. We worked with Emily for a year on our wedding and she was always available, never skipped a beat, and kept us on our toes. She was amazing in piecing my vision together, getting to know us, and putting out fires when they arrived. The biggest fire we had was having to change venues 5 months out from our wedding date. Emily didn't skip a beat with this issue. She not only helped us find a new location, but made our actual venue better than the first with her ability to design. On our wedding day, she had everything flowing effortlessly. I had so many compliments on how sweet, accommodating, and "with it" she was. She even had design surprises thrown in our evening that became my FAVORITE. I couldn't believe that she took the extra time and effort to throw in these surprises that she knew I would absolutely love (that is skill and passion that you don't get every day). When we forgot to put the rose petals in the ceremony, she used them in photos with my wedding party (turned out to be our favorite photos). She has a gift in taking something and making it better when it is forgotten or needing to be changed. She didn't miss a single moment, beat, or step during our big day. She made sure our night was truly the best night of our lives. When they say you need a wedding planner, you need Emily. She will create, inspire, and execute with perfection. She will also get you great deals and amazing vendors when you need direction. All of the vendors that our guests raved about, Emily picked for us! We are forever appreciative of Emily and her amazing work.

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Emily, thank you so much for helping us through this process. I absolutely could NOT imagine going through all of this without you. Every time I felt like I was falling apart, you assured me that we were on track. So I thank you for keeping me sane!

I honestly can't imagine going through this season without you. You've made this time in our life more enjoyable than I ever thought possible. You allowed us to focus on each other and that is all we could have asked for. Thank you, thank you, thank YOU!

Emily was hired by my mother and sister, so we hadn’t even officially met yet when we started working together. That didn’t stop Emily from being incredibly helpful every step of the way by making sure my vision came together. She always took the time to listen to my many opinions and was patient when dealing with my meticulous ways. She was supportive, organized, and always kind throughout our wedding process. I would highly recommend her to anyone get married in the hill country. She will make sure your day is everything you’ve ever wanted!

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Hoffman Haus



We literally could not have done this without Emily from Hill Country Bride. She’s amazing and a total gem to have in Fredericksburg!

Emily did a phenomenal job in planning our wedding. She is so sweet, professional, timely and gets things done with a calm demeanor which is exactly what a bride needs. We communicated so well and she knew exactly how I wanted my wedding decorated and styled. And if something went wrong on the wedding day she handled it immediately, calmly and tactfully. Highly recommend for your hill country wedding!!

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There are two days I have dreamed about as long as I can remember…the day I would become a wife and the day I become a mother. I always knew that weddings were a big deal, but it wasn’t until I got engaged that I realized just how much work went into making a wedding happen. I was towards the end of my third semester of nursing school when the love of my life asked me to be his wife. I was overjoyed! The day I had been dreaming of for 24 years was now on the horizon! The excitement slowly turned into anxiety, as I realized that I had no idea how to plan a wedding! How was I supposed to plan a wedding in 6 months all while finishing nursing school? That’s when I contacted Emily, and let me tell you, that girl is unbelievably good at what she does! She helped me set weekly goals, sent countless e-mails, texts, and phone calls, even made out a timeline of wedding weekend events to send out to friends and family once we had finalized decisions. Once the wedding weekend finally arrived, she was phenomenal! We all know how hard it is to get everyone where they need to be and doing what they need to do at the right time, but somehow she pulled it off beautifully! I was able to relax and enjoy my wedding weekend because Emily had every minute planned. If anyone had questions, they went right to Emily, which was such a huge burden off my shoulders. I can honestly say that my wedding was a dream come true! I owe much thanks to Emily, as she ensured it was nothing short of my dream.

We live in Dallas, TX and recently had a destination wedding in Fredericksburg, TX. When we initially started planning our wedding we knew it was in our best interest to hire a wedding planner. Emily, Hill Country Bride, was referred to us by the owner of our wedding venue and from the moment I first spoke to her I knew she would be an excellent choice and let me just say, she did not disappoint! She was absolutely amazing! Being a destination wedding it was so great to work with someone who was familiar with the area as well as all of the local wedding vendors. She was very organized and thorough throughout the entire process. On our wedding day Emily worked with and coordinated all of the vendors. She worked behind the scenes and made sure that everything was flawless. I can honestly say that I was very relaxed and calm on my wedding day and I owe this all to Emily! We got to spend time with our family, friends and each other instead of worrying about the small details. As a result, the entire event was a success and everyone is still raving about how beautiful our wedding was and how much fun was had. Not to mention, we had a blast too! Thank you Emily for making our special day so wonderful!

Fredericksburg, Texas

Fredericksburg, Texas