The Guy’s Eye

For all of you brides out there, what does your future husband think about your wedding flower arrangements or your ceremony location?  Have you asked him? Did you listen?

As you probably know by now, the perspective between a man and a woman, in this case a groom and a bride, can be a bit bipolar. Complex.  You tell him, “I think we should try this new work-out routine together”, he gives you a half-hearted “sure” that’s totally unconvincing and signals to you he’s not really interested at all. Then, a week later his buddy from college says he heard about this awesome work-out routine, the same one you mentioned earlier, and suddenly in your man’s mind it’s all the rage. He insists it must start tomorrow.

workout 2


Maybe your description sounded something like this:



And his buddy’s sounded something like this:

This phenomena can invade the wedding planning process as well. For example, you are telling him about this gorgeous venue you found today that has, “an elegant farm house vibe, with real vintage tobacco barn timber walls, pottery barn furniture, antique ornate framed mirrors, and an outdoor area where you can have sparkling bistro lights over your reception tables.” Then he says “sounds nice, Honey”. Not exactly the response you wanted. Let’s be honest. Can he really picture “pottery barn furniture and ornate frame mirrors” in his head? For most gals we see something like this (P.S. this is a real venue, check out Hoffman Haus):





In the brain of a man it might look something like this:





Okay, perhaps I exaggerate just a tad. My husband has followed me into Pottery Barn enough times to know it isn’t a store of barns and pottery. But, you see my point!

To make wedding planning a little more collaborative between you and your fiancé, I’ll be including the groom’s perspective on some of my posts. These posts will be called, The Guy’s Eye. The Guy’s Eye will be a little section written by my hubs, Brent, containing topics and opinions from the man’s side. Let’s face it, although different from ours, guys will notice valuable things. For example, in the case of our wedding, the landscaping of the ceremony site and the music playlist were areas where his perspective was valuable. Check out his notes on the blog, and be sure to share with your groom! You may have to get creative to coerce him to the computer to read a wedding blog with you. Just tell him you want him to checkout a picture of Scarlett Johannsen.  Once he is there, it will be well worth his time.



A little about Brent… So he is pretty much awesome. We have been together almost 9 years, married for a little over 2. He is a really talented writer (his artsy side) and a really talented horseman (his manly side). He loves running, reading, and a good beer. He plays guitar and drums, and collects great music. He taught me how to Texas two-step and exposed me to Texas country (I might never be the same). He helped me conquer my fear of roller coasters, is a great Dad to our pets, and smokes a tobacco pipe on occasion. That’s him in a nutshell. I know you will enjoy reading his perspectives (most people find him hilarious!).


Keep an eye out for this handsome fellow on future blogs!

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