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Today I was chatting with my interior design friend, Candy about bedding and wedding trends. Candy is one of those people is who always fabulous. I hardly ever see her wear the same outfit twice and you can count on her to be on top of the latest and greatest trends. Honestly, I didn’t expect to meet anyone like her, right here in the heart of Texas, but I am so glad I did. Her eye for interior design has challenged me to think about colors and lighting and texture in a whole new light. It has also challenged my pocketbook as I fall in love with all of the high end bedding she is showing me! Things I never knew about, I suddenly “have to have”. Maybe another day I will write about bedding and how marvelous great bedding is and how you should definitely put some good stuff on your registry.

Back to her eye, colors and lighting and texture are all tools that can be used to make a wedding design go from good to well, fabulous. There is no other word that really describes it properly. We were discussing how much wedding and interior design trends crossover. I posed the question “where does it start?” and she promptly said, “Paris of course”. “O yeah, of course!” I replied, all the while thinking “really?” every time I see fashion show clips the girls look gothic and the clothes look like they were pasted on with crazy glue while the artist was intoxicated. Come on, does anyone else think that? Exhibit A:hill-country-weddings-chanel-fall-2015-39


See what I mean?

I set out this evening to find out the correlation. To see if I could find how the trickle-down effect worked. I started out searching by designer and season on under the fashion show tab. Then again I thought, “Really?” but after some hard searching I began to see it. Although our everyday fashion doesn’t look like the models in Vogue I can see the inspiration- now that I am looking for it.

Examining the Spring 2015 line from Versace and Valentino, the colors and designs are described as “en plein air” with soft colors and warm undertones, taking cues from nature.

hill-country-wedding-planner-versace-spring 2015 hill-country-weddings-style-valentino-spring2015-runway-421 hill-country-wedding-style-valentino-spring-2015

Did anyone see bridesmaids dresses like this in this their pinterest or facebook feed this past summer? Like all the time.

Apryl Ann Photography

Apryl Ann Photography

Do you see the similarities? I’m definitely not an expert on Vogue fashion, but I am officially fascinated. Fashion week is coming up in New York very soon. Maybe I will write a blog about predictions for the next season!

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